Angel Eggs

The company Angel Eggs B.V. was founded by Twan and Jeroen Engelen in 2014. The company is mainly specialized in the export of hatching eggs to Eastern- and Western Europe. Besides that, eggs are transported to Asia, Africa and the Middle-East.

The company is located in Someren, where Twan and Jeroen Engelen also produce the largest part of their own hatching eggs. For more information, we will redirect you to: engelenpluimvee.nl/en

Every day the Angel Eggs B.V. works on maintaining and improving the quality of its hatching eggs, as well as optimizing the health of their poultry and the eggs.

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Our Strenghts:

  • Family company, which results in the presence of many knowledge and expertise
  • 24/7 mentality
  • Excellent quality eggs with a high hatchability
  • Forward thinking and socially involved

Curious about Angel Eggs?

We are very happy to tell you more about our great company.

Ploegstraat 64a – 5712 RL – Someren –

The Netherlands


+ 31 (0)493 473195

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