Farmers and artists work together more and more often. A couple of challenges for farmers are so complex that these farmers can use an extra pinch of creation and brain power.

Our company has set up the project ‘The EGGCHANGE’ in collaboration with Marije Vogelzang. The EGGCHANGE is a philosophical economic model based on eggs as currency.

It is an exchange office for fertilized eggs but also for thoughts about poultry farming and how the economy affects our lives. In the EGGCHANGE the fertilized egg is seen as investment. Upon opening an account you receive a fertilised egg. You can take the egg home and eat it but also hatch it. If you hatch it you’ll get a broiler chicken that can grow into meat. If you have a hen you can also keep your chicken to let it lay eggs. You may get a rooster. Together with a hen you can produce new chicks.

Boer en design!Boeren en kunstenaars werken steeds vaker samen. Sommige uitdagingen op het boerenbedrijf zijn zo complex dat boeren wel een extra snufje creatie- en breinkracht kunnen gebruiken. Dit doen ze in programma’s als Agri Meets Design ( en FoodLabPeel ( The Eggchange Office is ook een vrucht van die samenwerking. Meer weten kan via Facebook:

Geplaatst door De Kunst van het Boeren op zaterdag 22 april 2017


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